Restricted DPF/CAT

They say “prevention is better than the cure.” With regards to a restricted CAT or DPF, here at NC Turbos we offer both!

We are seeing more and more DPF/CAT (Diesel particulate filter/ Catalytic converter) related turbocharger problems. When filters become clogged up the Turbo loses power and becomes less effective.


In response to this we now stock SYNTEC and XENUM, both proven fuel additives designed to help prevent DPF/CAT’s from becoming restricted.

We have used these products on a number of our own vehicles and we were very impressed with the results.

It will:

  • Reduce diesel particulate build up
  • Clean the catalistic converter + reduce emissions
  • Improve engine performance + full efficiency
  • Reduce harmful carbon build up on oxygen sensor


If your CAT/DPF becomes so restricted that a diesel additive type product such as SYNTEC and XENUM , or a forced re-gen at your local garage doesn’t work, we now have a solution!

At NC Turbos we are delighted to offer a DPF cleaning service which is quick, effective and not only kind to the DPF internals but will not damage the sensors so no need to spend hours removing them.